Powr of You is a technology provider for high quality passive research. We enable our clients to unlock unique insights from real life consumer behaviour across browser, mobile, social and lifestyle apps.

Capturing real consumer journeys to inform business decisions

The holy grail of market research is to understand end-to-end consumer journeys, and therefore identify the right message, time and place to reach customers. Traditionally, brands have relied on claimed behavior with surveys and later cookies, and these methods are neither precise, nor dynamic. Powr of You is taking a new approach to give insights based on evidenced, actual behavior.

We tap into accurate, granular data on people’s behavior across mobile, browser, social, lifestyle apps such as fitness, music, e-commerce, to understand their digital life and touch points in a single, integrated view. We help brands and agencies access hard measurement data with non-intrusive tech for mobile and browser that plugs into people’s daily life, and monitor in-app actions for key touch points such as social and lifestyle apps.

Powr of You has a growing user community, and we’re also partnering with panel and survey providers to bring Powr of You’s opt-in research solution to existing communities. We currently provide a bespoke research offering to clients, and are in beta with our Market Research self-service platform.

Our Team Members

Keshav Malani

Keshav Malani is a technology geek with a background in tech and strategy with Deloitte, LinkedIn, and Telefonica. Keshav has worked with clients such as Apple, Disney, Dolby, and Safeway. He has first-hand experience in developing and creating insights from large datasets with varied tools like SQL Server, ACL and SAS. Previously, he successfully founded two entrepreneurial ventures – a non-profit consultancy and tech- support service. 

Shruti Malani Krishnan

Shruti is an expert at bringing ideas and solutions to reality with extensive experience spanning strategy, operations and technology consulting with Accenture. She has helped set up and deliver various large projects across the globe working on both sides of the Atlantic. She brings this expertise and an intimate knowledge of FMCG Retail and Healthcare industries to co-create truly valuable insights with the Powr of You® platform.

Shailja Madhwal
Data Science

Shailja is an enthusiastic learner with a passion for data analytics. She's an expert at using Python, R. Prior to Powr of You, she honed her skills by working at Bharti Airtel, Ndynamic, and managing content for rural education for the government of Maharashtra via ConnectEd. She is creative at data visualisations and loves to read fiction and take a dip in the pool - of knowledge and otherwise.

Nikos Nathanail
Android Developer

Nikos has a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Technology, experienced in Java. He puts his passion and expertise in technology and programming into bringing new ideas and developing Powr of You Android apps.

Ronak Jain
Backend Developer

Ronak is a backend developer, experienced in Asp.net, DotNet MVC, DotNetCore technologies and loves continuously evolving with new ones. Keeps himself engaged in OOPs! object classes, not only building algorithms but also implementing logic with an edge in keeping his work simple.

Sergiy Kurash
iOS Developer / Data Science

Sergiy is an iOS Developer who loves working on the latest machine learning (ML) solutions. With many of his own apps in the App Store, Sergiy is an expert in Swift and Objective-C. He loves using Python as a backend solution to develop mobile APIs, and has most recently been working with collaborative filtering and categorization algorithms to continue evolving his machine learning knowledge.

We’re confident we can solve your research & insight challenges. If we fail, then we’ll make our data science team work in the bicycle basement. Without WiFi ;-)
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