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Real Consumers. Actual behaviour. Actionable Insights.

Powr of You helps you tap into real consumer behaviour with a connected view of people’s digital life across devices with mobile, browsing, social and lifestyle apps

Actual behaviour
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Powr of You provides consumer behaviour with SaaS and bespoke analytics solutions providing a 360° view of consumer's digital behaviour. Brands and agencies can now make data-driven marketing decisions backed by people's actual digital behaviour.

Data direct from consumers to understand real behavior with their permission

We work with research and marketing professionals across industries to provide insights into consumers' digital lives with 'real consumer behaviour'. Our proprietary passive metering tech works with explicit consumer opt-in to respect consumer privacy while giving you access to first-hand validated data. Powr of You platform captures detailed app, web, streaming media usage behaviour - and is trusted by leading global brands, media and market research agencies.

We pride ourselves in making big data actionable with a strong focus on insights that answer our clients’ key questions such as understanding am audience’s digital footprint, content reading/viewing habits, shopping journey / basket deep-dive, search terms, ---path to purchase--- and more.

  • Digital life mapping: Know your audience’s digital journey with our suite of journey analytics - where they spend their time online, what sites they visit, when they read the news vs surf Facebook vs go shopping, what they read and watch - understand how to pinpoint the times and places when best to engage them. Contact us for a case study.
  • Shopping analytics: Find out what and how your audience is buying online with detailed basket data on various e-commerce sites (grocery, travel, etc.), to search terms used, competitor site activity, and more. Powr of You’s granular data helps you map the path-to-purchase to improve conversion.
  • People Analytics Live (PAL): Our SaaS Analytics platform provides you live insights for your panel or any defined consumer groups. From mobile usage to browsing behavior, our interactive tool lets you analyse your audience’s behaviour as and when you need. Want a demo?
  • With AuthentiQ surveys, you can reach your target audience by matching participants based on real online behavior, rather than relying on claimed behaviour data. Powered by our proprietary platform, we offer surveys to participants that match your specific behavioral criteria. Get started with free survey credits!
  • Trigger Based Survey: Choose the audience you want to hear from right now, and send an instant survey based on a “live-behaviour” triggers to get their feedback. Some examples of triggers include when they are in/around a location, or use a certain app, or visit a website, or purchase a specific product, or search for certain keywords, or watch a TV show.
  • Profile Based Survey: Qualify survey participants based on demographic, interest-led, or activity based profiles of users based on their historical, actual behavior data to be sure that you’re reaching and getting feedback from your intended audience
  • Snapshot provides instant data and analytics based on passive browsing history, and mobile phone use. In less than a minute, Snapshot allows you to capture up to 90 days browsing behavior from popular web browsers and installed apps, phone model, version, carrier info, and unique identifiers from Android users. You can access unique, first-hand consumer data, with explicit user opt-in.

    The data is instantly available to you in CSV or JSON format, and the analytics suite upudates real-time with in-depth analytics including:

  • what lifestyle services people use
  • sites they visit,how long, how often etc.
  • social media use
  • what they read, watch online
  • interests
  • search insights, and more.
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    Here's what our clients say

    Tara Watkins Starcom Media Group Zenith

    Understanding consumers digital behaviours and habits in depth has been an area of difficulty for us because of the volume and accuracy of the data. Powr of You has provided us with a solution which benefits the consumer and the client. It has allowed us to open up a completely new avenue for consumer understanding of the digital world and provided us with data which is so granular and bespoke.

    Tara Watkins, Starcom Media Group
    Lauren Baxendale Join the Dots

    The analysis period was iterative, allowing us to further delve into the data and continue to build on our story, particularly adding value in areas where what consumers believe they do can be quite different from what they actually do.

    Lauren Baxendale, Join the Dots
    Karyn Mukerjee Dunnhumby

    The Powr of You team were able to turn around our project in very tight timescales and they achieved a level of detail which gave us a new perspective on customers’ behaviour.

    Karyn Mukerjee, Dunnhumby

    Our clients

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